074A8477-LWhile The Coveralls have established themselves as full-tilt rock-and-roll heavies on the bar scene, their unique versatility and warm energy make them ideal for any party.

Their sharp dress and natural ability to fit every party vibe have made them particularly successful at weddings. They have a special gift for “reading the room” and seem to know how to play just the right tunes at just the right time. Classic jazz standards, Motown hits, funk and rock & roll classics and pop chart gems…they cover it all. With enough advance notice, The Coveralls can even learn special requests, be they special songs for father-daughter/couple’s first dances or simply old favorites. Too elaborate for a four-piece? They can DJ to fill in the gaps, making the entire occasion musically seamless, even when they aren’t playing.

Hundreds of songs in their repertoire. Full sound system and lights. Years of experience. Happy guests from grandsons to grandmas. Invite The Coveralls to your event and let the party begin.

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